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CBA launch their annual Cork Business of the Year awards

CORK Business Association (CBA) has launched the ‘Cork Business of the Year Awards 2017,’ in partnership with awards sponsor JCD, event partner AIB and media partners the Irish Examiner.

The awards recognise the outstanding contribution of businesses and individuals working diligently across varied sectors of business in Cork city and its environs.

Your business could be set for stardom in January 2018, as entrants not only have the chance to win individual award categories but they could also be named the overall ‘Cork Business of the Year.’

The 10 award categories for 2017 include:

Best New Business in Cork, sponsored by LEO Cork City: Open to all businesses that have been founded or are new to Cork since January 1, 2015. Entrants will be asked to explain their business and to demonstrate how they have translated a great idea into a viable and successful business venture. They will also be asked to explain their plans for the future.

Best Cork Family Business, sponsored by Musgrave: Open to all family owned and run businesses in the greater Cork city area. Your business must be managed by family members and you must be able to demonstrate the involvement of at least two generations of family members who are working in the business.

Best Cork Hotel, sponsored by Kings Laundry: The Best Hotel award acknowledges excellence in service and accommodation. Entrants will demonstrate high class, flawless service in a comfortable, quality establishment, while both meeting and exceeding guest expectations, and how they have helped to promote Cork as a destination nationally and internationally.

Best Cork Cafe/Restaurant: The best Cafe/Restaurant will acknowledge excellence in quality, service, price and ambiance. Entrants will demonstrate high standards in food quality, cost, efficiency, customer service, imagination, attention to detail, marketing and how well the establishment functions as a business.

Best Cork VFI Pub, sponsored by Vintners Federation Cork: The award for Best Cork Pub will be awarded to the pub that, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates ‘best in class’ in the areas of innovation, creativity, ambiance, operational excellence and customer service. Open to VFI Members only.

Best Cork Retail Business, sponsored by Cork City Council: The best Cork Retail Business will be awarded to the business who routinely strives for the highest standards across a number of key metrics such as customer service, value, visual merchandising, premises maintenance, marketing, and adaptability. High standards are particularly important given the very severe challenges currently facing Ireland’s retail industry.

It is critical that the retail industry plays its part in consistently improving its offer to attract more customers and keep retail workers in jobs and Cork city centre vibrant which in turn will re-engage with citizens and customers alike.

Best Professional Services Business: This category is open to all businesses that provide a professional business service in the greater Cork city area. They include banking, legal, accounting, HR, recruitment, PR, marketing, architects, financial advisers, engineers, consultants, training providers, strategic advice etc.

They can be any organisation or profession that offers customised, knowledge-based services to clients. Entrants must be able to explain what their professional business service is and demonstrate their commitment to customer service excellence within their particular service provided.

Best Tourism Art Event, sponsored by IHF Cork: This award is designed to recognise and reward an organisation, attraction, business or event that has excelled in tourism, contributing to growing tourist numbers and /or the visitor experience in Cork.

Cork Business of the Year, medium category, sponsored by JCD and the Irish Examiner: This award honours and acknowledges a business that has contributed or promoted the enhancement of the commercial, cultural, or civic life in Cork city. This award is open to all medium sized businesses irrespective of Category.

Cork Business of the Year, large category, sponsored by JCD and the Irish Examiner: This award honours and acknowledges a business that has contributed or promoted the enhancement of the commercial, cultural, or civic life in Cork city. This award is open to all large businesses irrespective of Category.

To enter the Cork Business of the Year Awards 2017, your business must be based in the greater Cork city area or be a current member of the Cork Business Association.

Nominations are now open and entries for all award categories should be completed online at www.corkbusiness.ie/cba-awards in a simple 3 step process no later than midnight November 6, 2017. For more information on Cork Business Association and the 2017 Cork Business of the Year Awards including full detail of categories and how to enter see http://corkbusiness.ie/botya18 .