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Celine Crawford: Joins the IDA as Press and PR manager.
Celine Crawford: Joins the IDA as Press and PR manager.
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IDA appoint new press manager

IDA Ireland, Ireland’s Foreign Direct Investment Agency has appointed Céline Crawford as Press and PR Manager. In her new role Céline will be responsible for managing a strong team who deliver IDA Ireland’s communications strategy with a vision to be the best and most successful Investment Promotion Agency in the world.

Prior to joining IDA Ireland Céline was a senior Client Director with MKC Communications, one of Ireland’s leading communications agencies, where during her nine year tenure she was responsible for the implementation of external communications programmes for a number of high profile multinational clients including Google.

Céline holds a Master of Arts in Public Relations from DIT Aungier Street and a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Irish Times Training Institute.

Kevin Sammon, Director of Global Communications at IDA Ireland said: “Céline’s deep knowledge and experience in dealing with multinational sector in Ireland will be a huge benefit to us as she starts her role here in IDA.”