Wednesday, January 11, 2017
 THE potholes in Cobh were compared to the Jack Lynch Tunnel during a debate on County Council machinery.

Following a request from Labour councillor Cathal Rasmussen, councillors were presented with a list of how many hours the council’s velocity patchers — a machine used to repair roads — were used in each area.

A file photo of potholes near Transtown in Cobh.

Cobh was at the bottom of the list, despite recent information that showed the area had the highest number of successful claims by motorists for damage due to potholes.

Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy said that people were afraid to use the roads.

The patching machine spent 500 hours in Cobh, 1,218 in East Cork, 1,275 in Bandon-Kinsale, 1,498 in Blarney-Macroom, 3,205 in Fermoy, 3,940 in Kanturk-Mallow, and 4,985 in West Cork.

“There are a number of roads in Cobh where the stretches are really bad. There is one outside Cobh Hospital that is there for years. If a car goes into it, they would be afraid that they wouldn’t come out the others side. It’s like the Jack Lynch tunnel,” said Mr McCarthy.

Fine Gael councillor Sinéad Sheppard said that the council needed to make a velocity patcher available exclusively to Cobh, instead of it using East Cork’s when it was not needed elsewhere.

“It’s shocking to think that we are 718 hours behind the next municipal district – East Cork – and yet in this report they are talking about giving a machine full time to East Cork, and that, if needs be, they will keep it in Cobh for extra hours. I think it’s obvious that it’s required. We bring it forward to our municipal on a monthly basis, the potholes, the damage to cars that we are dealing with as councillors on a weekly basis.”

“While we have gone a long way in investing in Cobh with the Fota Road, we have to acknowledge that we are 718 hours behind on the next municipal in relation to these machines, and I’d like to hear that the Cobh municipal would be getting a machine full time,” she said.

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