Friday, February 17, 2017

More cemeteries in Cork should have special Columbarium walls for the storage of cremated remains, according to County Mayor Councillor Seamus McGrath.

Cork County Mayor Cllr Seamus McGrath

Currently, out of the 292cemeteries under the control of the council, only one has such a facility: St James’ Cemetery in Chetwynd.
Cllr McGrath urged the council to look at increasing this amount, claiming it would be well received by those whose loved ones choose to be cremated, while it would also save space and money.
“This is a motion I put down because it’s a matter that has been raised with me as an elected representative and I think it makes sense that the council would look
at the option of rolling out Columbarium walls in our cemeteries,” he said.
“An increasing number of people are making the choice to be cremated, as opposed to buried, and I think it is incumbent on us to provide the facilities for those to have a
resting place in a sacred place, such as a cemetery, if they want that.”
He said this issue has been raised all across the country, and Dublin City Council, in particular, has been proactive in responding to it.
“I welcome the fact that we do provide plots in our cemeteries, and that’s obviously an important option that is open to people, but I think the idea of the wall also makes sense from a space point of view and from a cost point of view,” said the mayor.
“I would imagine the cost would be less to have such a facility and also there’s the maintenance issue; a family may not have anyone who can maintain a plot going forward,
but the wall doesn’t require that particular issue.”
County Council director of municipal district operations and rural development Mary Ryan responded to the mayor’s motion at this week’s council meeting, saying: “Cork County Council will look at expanding the need for Columbarium Walls in areas, in particular where there is insufficient land to expand the graveyard further.”
Cllr McGrath said he welcomed the positive response from the council.

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