Friday, August 05, 2016

A meeting on the fate of Cork’s historic Vernon Mount House will take place between the owners and Cork County Council next Monday.

Olaf Maxwell, co-owner of Vernon Mount, said that he also plans to discuss the matter with local and public representatives.

But the quantity surveyor, who co-owns the property with a company called Massila Limited, is adamant that the structure should be saved if possible.

“There have been various speculative comments that the House should be demolished but we would be totally opposed to that and consider such a move unnecessary. We do in the short term need further technical reports and an assessment of the structure to ensure it is made safe. This may require some temporary building and support works,” Mr Maxwell said.

He said that fencing around the house has been erected to keep people out for their own safety, and asked that it would not be interfered with as it is there to keep people out for their own safety.

Mr Maxwell said that various proposals were made for Vernon Mount over an 18-year period, which included some development works, a public use of Vernon Mount House, a pedestrian and cycle route from Grange Road through the grounds and a bridge across the dual carriageway to connect to Cork city.

“These proposals are still live and the Council were supportive of these provided they were carried out in a sensitive manner and Vernon Mount House was secured,” he said.

“At the moment some of the grounds are used for outdoor activity and we would be keen that this is not entirely lost.”

A fire on the night of Sunday, July 24, extensively damaged the house but the Irish Georgian Society have called on the State to protect what remains of the house.

This story first appeared in the Evening Echo newspaper.

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