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Frank O'Connor Cork author.
Frank O'Connor Cork author.
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Frank O'Connor interviews to screen at Nano Nagle Place

Nano Nagle Place, the newly opened city centre Heritage Centre, will host free screenings of interviews with one of Cork's most beloved authors, Frank O’ Connor, as part of the International Short Film Festival.

The interviews were filmed in 1962 and will show various interviews with him at various locations around the city. 

The highly anticipated screenings will take place each day from 10am to 5pm at Nano Nagle Place on Douglas Street and will run until Saturday.

The Munster Literature Centre organised the first Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival in 2000 and the festival, a series of events dedicated to the celebration of the short story and named after one of Cork's most beloved authors, has been growing ever since.

CEO of Nano Nagle Place, Shane Clarke said: "It is a great honour for us and we are looking forward to welcoming all those who wish to look back and hear what Frank O’Connor had to say in his own words.”

For further information on the project visit http://www.nanonagleplace.ie

Nano Nagle Place, is the birthplace of the Presentation Congregation, founded by Ireland’s first global social pioneer Nano Nagle, celebrating her vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a contemporary world.

The wider campus now houses an impressive heritage centre, tranquil gardens and Nano Nagle’s tomb (free to the public), a garden café (opening autumn 2017), a design shop, education spaces, the Lantern Project and Cork Migrants community inclusion projects, a small resident community of Presentation Sisters, and the beautifully regenerated 1779 convent building which now holds the archive of the Congregation.