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Cork’s puppetry festival will give it socks


Dancer’s show taps into the dating scene for unattached in modern digital age

Dowtcha Puppets are my second family

Humbled and lucky to meet so many people

How yoga healed my battered, worn body

Cyclists gear up for charity trek

Mental illness: One man’s story

Madge’s past is laid bare, as a decorated US soldier

New play will put the issue of sexual consent centre stage

A final grumpy customer, then a blast from the past

Enriching lives with art and musical creativity

I was married once... but the kids don’t recognise me

Money woes, broken TV... the guy was stressed out

Bridie starts to weep: ‘They want to put me in a home’

Marching my way to better mental health

A poisonous visitor, then Madge’s past is revealed

“Trust you?” she sneers, “you aren’t even normal”

Fire up the BBQ with tips and recipes from the master

I leave here feeling like a teenager, the Prof tells me

Tribute to evicted priest who spent 11 years in hut

Brave Kate, 6, a star turn at Relay for Life

The garda takes his jacket off. ‘Shoes and all’, I say...

Another day, another client - then a bombshell remark

I see my tattoo every night, ‘De Oppresso Liber’ it says

I persuade him to slip out of his jeans... what a sight

Ó Muineacháin: An t-am ceart do thiomantas ar mhaoiniú an N22

Nothing new under the sun!

Happy ever after for author Sue

Family’s funds plea to treat brave Aaron