Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Farmgate Cafe at the English Market.

Farmgate Cafe at the English Market.

THE much-loved Farmgate Restaurant in the English Market has become one of the first restaurants in Cork to ban e-cigarettes.
Customers of the restaurant are being asked not to use e-cigarettes in the dining area and signs have been erected stating that their use is prohibited on the premises.
Rebecca Harte of the Farmgate said the decision to ban the products was taken because the vapour from the e-cigarettes was “stinking out the dining room.”
“It just doesn’t go with a food culture at all,” said Ms Harte.
The HSE has already outlawed e-cigarettes on hospital campuses and the Restaurants Association of Ireland is now supplying restaurateurs with signs if individual members decide to enforce a ban.
It is estimated that over 50,000 smokers in Ireland have switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, which deliver a nicotine hit, without the tobacco.
E-cigarette sales in Ireland grew by 478% last year, generating 7.3m, but there are no regulations governing their supply and sale.
They are not illegal and can legitimately be sold to people of all ages, although many retailers have an over-18 policy.
They are battery powered and operate using a cartridge filled with nicotine, which has been dissolved in a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol and water. They emit a vapour which is said to be free of the harmful substances such as tar and, as a result, they are viewed by many as a less harmful substitute to the traditional cigarette.
However, concerns have been raised about the lack of knowledge and testing of the impact of e-cigarettes.
Mary Daly and Associates Food Safety Team has praised The Farmgate for leading the way by prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes.
On their company Facebook page, they said: “There have been nine cases of poisoning as a result of e cigarettes since Christmas and the residual chemical is seen as a contaminant worse than tar.”

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By Ronan Bagnall
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