In early August 1922 the Free State army and anti-Treaty forces fought a short but bloody battle for Cork city. here are some pictures from that time.


Government troops at the corner of Academy Street and St Patrick Street after they entered the city in August 1922.


Free State soldiers unload guns at Albert Street Railway Station, Cork, shortly after fighting occurred around Douglas.


Free State troops in Cork some time after their capture of the city from anti-treaty forces in August 1922. Free State forces landed at Passage on August 8.


Soldiers repair Fota Viaduct, blown up by republicans in August 1922.



Collins (Victoria) Barracks shortly after its abandonment by irregulars who damaged the facility.


Old Court woods, Rochestown, where, on August 9, 1922, Free State troops fought a day-long battle with 200 anti-treaty irregulars. Resistance was broken when Captains Peadar Conlon and Frank O’Friel led 12 men in an attack on the last remaining republican stronghold. By the end of the day, seven republicans and nine Free State soldiers had been killed.


Irish Civil War Free State Army checkpoint near Rochestown, Co. Cork in August 1922.


Free State soldiers at Custom House Quay in Cork during the Irish Civil War.


Funeral in Cork of member of Free State Army killed in action during the Irish Civil War in August 1922.


A steam train guarded by Free State troops leaves Glanmire Road (Kent) Station during the Irish Civil War period.