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About Us


The Evening Echo was 120 years old on June 14, 2012. In that time the newspaper has served the people of Cork by faithfully, factually and fairly reporting the daily news and standing up for the citizens. It is my privilege to lead the team which carries on that tradition of service. It is an excellent team of professional journalists dedicated to the interests of the men and women of Cork City and County - and trusted by them.

We provide the most extensive coverage in stories and pictures of the good news and the bad news as it affects Cork people, and we argue and advocate Cork's case on every issue. Our sports service is the most comprehensive in Ireland, and suitably reflects Cork's greatest obsession. We provide an entertaining and sociable read and a venue for Cork people to connect with each other.

That connection happens in the pages of our paper and also online on our website, on and on . No matter which platform you use to access our product, we're still the same Evening Echo - and we're proud to be the only daily newspaper dedicated to Cork.

Maurice Gubbins

Editor, Evening Echo

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