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One a day

Watch: Glen Hansard gets roped into sing song in Westmeath chipper

So incase you missed it, Glen Hansard got roped into a sing song in a Westmeath chipper this week, writes Sally Gorman.

The Falling Slowly singer was passing through the town of Kilbeggan when he stopped in for a bag of chips.

I’m sure the last thing he expected was an impromptu sing-a-long with local musician Neil Moran and a group of hungry onlookers.

The crowd broke into an impressive version of Mic Christopher’s Hey Day before bursting into a Hansard favourite, The Auld Triangle - to which he even added his own words.

"The chips were frying and I was dying, the hunger was upon me, driving through Kilbeggan."

According to a comment from May Malone, who posted the video: "He stayed for ages. Really sound of him in fairness. Don’t even know if he got his chips in the end!"

The video was posted on Facebook on Wednesday and has since racked up over 100k views.

Only in Ireland eh?