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Fota Cheetah run feeding incident
Fota Cheetah run feeding incident

Video: Dramatic rescue of cheetah after Fota feeding incident

A brave duo of park rangers rescued a distressed cheetah which was caught in a feeding line in a tense incident at Fota Wildlife Park yesterday.

The park's 'Cheetah Run' sees the popular wildlife attractions fed by a pulley system, where their food is dangled across their enclosure, encouraging the animals to run after and jump for the food.

However, yesterday's run went wrong when one of the animals had its front paw caught in the line at around 3pm.

In a video posted online, two rangers can be seen entering the enclosure with a wildlife trap and a coat. Onlookers can be heard gasping as the two attempt to calm the animal and free it as it runs and jumps in a panicked state.

In a statement, the management of Fota said: "The cheetah was freed by the animal staff. The vet examined the cheetah and found no cuts or bruises and said the cheetah seemed fine. There was no injury to staff or cheetah during this incident."