Friday, January 06, 2017

Prepare to be totally heartbroken, then feel eternally grateful, when you hear about the plight of these puppies.

It was just days before Christmas – and so freezing cold – when the litter of lurchers were dumped on a cottage doorstep in Surrey in a bucket. Luckily, the homeowner discovered them before it was too late.

The lurchers were sick, which could explain why there were abandoned, according to RSPCA officials – the owners who bred them may have been hoping to sell them as Christmas presents.

But, things have turned around for the little pups. They were named after some of Santa’s reindeers – Cupid, Dasher, Blitzen, Rudolf, Prancer and Dancer.

And while one pup – Dasher – sadly died of the virus a few days after being found, the rest of the litter are said to have come along in “leaps and bounds” at RSPCA Millbrook.


a litter of sick puppies


Keep on getting better, little pups.

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