Monday, January 09, 2017

Oh, to be a red panda playing in the snow.

When you see the pure joy on the faces of these two cubs, you’re going to think: when was the last time I got to just live my truth like this?

The animals have a natural love for the white stuff – and Cincinnati Zoo residents Harriet and Hazel (adorable names, it needs to be said) are obviously no exception.

It’s their first experience in the snow but they keep nice and warm thanks to their bushy tails, which they wrap around themselves, the clever things.

They seem to have so much energy as they frolic excitedly around.

Our fave bit? These red panda cuddles.

red pandas

(Cincinnati Zoo/PA)

It’s just too much.

Ooh, ooh – can we point out another fave bit?

When we got to see one of the cubs doing a bit of a dance around a tree, like the bear from Planet Earth (you know the one).

red panda (Cincinnati Zoo/PA)

(Cincinnati Zoo/PA)

It’s made us want a snow day – but we will never look as cute as this.

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