Thursday, January 05, 2017

People love to share the wackiest places they’ve seen in the New Year.

So just imagine the props this seal got when he told his pals he spent the end of 2016 in a garden, 2km from the sea.

Now that’s adventurous.

the seal in the garden (RSPCA)

You can barely spot him! (RSPCA)

The grey seal was spotted among the trees and shrubs at the bottom of a garden in Blakeney, Norfolk, in the late afternoon of December 31. Unsurprisingly, the woman who spotted him was shocked – we can imagine she thought she was seeing things (which has a tendency to happen the later on it gets in the day).

The RSPCA got to the seal – who was in good health, just completely lost – on New Year’s Day and he was released back into the much more seal-friendly sea.

The seal in the garden  (RSPCA)

There he is! (RSPCA)

Animal collection officer Naemi Kilbey said it’s not unusual for seals to venture away from the sea to look for food though they do usually manage to make their way back okay.

However, this little guy certainly isn’t the only one who took things too far this festive period and ended up in an unfamiliar place – there was also this humongous seal that ended up on someone’s driveway in Australia on Boxing Day.

Whoever knew we could relate so well to seals?

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