Tuesday, January 10, 2017

If your family have a dog but you’ve moved away from home, we bet you’ll sympathise with this guy’s predicament.

Oregon State University student Sean had to say goodbye to his dog William Wallace III – he goes by Willy, FYI – when he returned to college for another term following Christmas.

And, he seems to really love his pooch.

But Sean realised, maybe there was another way. Maybe it didn’t have to be goodbye, after all.

Yep, Sean snuck Willy into his car, popping him in the front seat next to him. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, he got a text from his mum, that’s what – and it simply said “WHERE IS WILLY”. Busted.

Sean sent a sassy and hilarious reply back: “He’s coming to Corvallis for a higher education to provide stability for his future family.”

But we guess that line didn’t work on his mum, because he ended up returning the pooch. Cue an emotional video clip shared on Twitter.

If it helps though, Sean – people really do relate to the situation. Some people have even thought of doing the same with their pets.

And one mum seems to have learnt from this whole smuggling attempt.

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