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Four days from my due date, we lost our baby


VIDEOS: It’s almost time to lace up ladies

Running the mini-marathon helped me through life challenges

Magical year for Mary

Chaoimh’s aiming to level the playing field

Let's STEM the stereotypes now

My marathon run to raise awareness of migraine

Be inspired by The Goddess Project

I'm turning my pain to power to beat the bullies

Helping ambitious and brave women to Exxcel

You can be a faceless mask in an ensemble and then you can be the lead...

My five year plan was realised in five months

I prayed, I drew, I wrote

Fighting cancer step by step...

Start your mini marathon journey now!

Bring a bit of vintage love to your wardrobe

Saluting 1500 Cork women helping to save lives

We’ll cheer mum home from her 600km cycle

We’re on an amazing journey and hopefully, we’ll do the city proud

It's all about good jeans

We really don’t do much apart... say Glanmire identical twins

Don’t forget to mind your mum

Not just a pretty face, she's a power woman

Cork women know their style and beauty

“I constantly believe in what we are doing”

Calm home = calm mind?

Having a good laugh on Leeside

'Some of the best DJs in the country right now are female’