Friday, February 10, 2017

Mary Kerrigan O’Callaghan

A WORKSHOP encouraging women to engage in self-care, bring some positivity into their lives, attract loving relationships, and create their own style on a budget takes place this weekend.

The event is from The Mindful Makeover, run by Mary Kerrigan (O’Callaghan) and Aideen Larkin, and is titled The Art of Loving Yourself.

Mary, a mother of four, lives in Ballincollig and is a part-time Style, Image, Colour & Make-Up Consultant.

“I have worked in Pharmacy — dispensing for 35 years plus. However, even though I enjoyed this I started to long for a change, to do what, I wasn’t sure. I went and completed a Diploma in Non-Formal Guidance in 2010 in UCC. Previous to this, I got a Certificate in Family Studies and Pastoral Care & Counselling Skills. I have studied Aromatherapy. These all increased my awareness of wellbeing and self care. I am currently doing Female Entrepreneurship with the Rubicon.

“Throughout the years, both in work and socially, people would always admire my style and the way I could put outfits together at very little cost. Then one day in October 2008, the Evening Echo’s WOW! section stopped me and asked me about my style and took my photo. After that and having received such lovely messages from people, it inspired a “light bulb moment” in me. I decided to qualify as a Style Image, Colour and Make-up Consultant with the Joan Cashman Academy and loved every minute of it.”

In January, 2015, at a ladies charity day, Mary was picked as the most uniquely dressed.

“This was out of more than 270 women and I could not believe it. To say I was thrilled was an understatement as my entire outfit was under €30. This led to an overwhelming desire to pass the skill on to other women, i.e. you don’t need a fat wallet to create style. So, I started Payless to Impress, doing one to one consultations — style, wardrobe weeding/ decluttering, etc. I did talks with women’s groups — the ICA, Women’s International Day, etc.”

Mary set up The Mindful Makeover with Aideen Larkin in September 2016.

Aideen, a mum of two who lives in Passage West, is a part-time Accounts Manager and Intuitive Healer. Originally from Dublin, she came to visit friends in Cork for a week in 1984 and fell in love with the city and its people.

“I returned to Dublin and promptly handed in my notice at work, packed my bags and moved to Cork. I felt welcomed here by all I met, they kindly embraced me and I have never looked back.”

She worked as a hairdresser and in administration, but always felt something was missing

“I was searching for something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I used to say to myself, what will I be when I grow up?

“It was in 2000, I was working one day and saw an ad in the paper for a psychic course in Cork, I rang about it enquiring what was involved and ended up doing that course. This was the kick start into a whole new life for me in the world of psychic energy and tarot.

“It should be said that from a very early age I have had an awareness of the spiritual and the psychic world. I have always had a connection to Our Lady.”

Aideen Larkin

Aideen then studied Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy — Angel Healing and qualified as a Master Instructor.

“I then travelled to Greece to study Tarot and from there I went to England where I studied Mediumship. Throughout the past 17 years I have developed my healing technique to include all of these modalities. I work with the Angels on a daily basis and do angelic readings and healings to help people get back onto their soul’s journey, find happiness and purpose in their lives.”

So what can people expect at ‘The Art of Loving Yourself’ on Saturday, February 11? The event runs from 9am to 4pm, in Bru Columbanus in Wilton — it will be a day about self-care, bringing positivity into your life, attracting loving relationships, communicating with the angels, and creating your own unique style on a budget.

Mary will be giving a style personality assessment, a talk on de-cluttering your life, a colours and make up lesson and lots, lots more.

She said: “It is not about must have figures, over the top make-up, selfie taking, reality TV… these images a lot of the time are not of real women. Real women are size 14 plus and do not have a budget for so called must have labels, etc.

“I encourage pre-loved clothes. I would like to help women create this mindset, look at their assets, learn how to style and embrace their own uniqueness — get their look for less.

“All of this is about learning about self-care so we can smile with style — give out a good energy and have poise, presence and confidence.”

Aideen said: “I teach the Mind & Body (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual) energy part of the event. My aim is to help people take responsibility for their own energy, remove negativity from their lives, help them attract loving relationships into their lives and help them to be able to communicate with the Divine, Angels through awareness, prayer and meditation.”

Tickets cost €50 and a donation will be made to Bru Columbanus in Wilton. There will also be ligth refreshments on the day, with goody bags to bring home. For more contact 0857603727 or find us on Facebook @ themindfulmakeover.

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